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March 17, 2021

510(k) flowchart

FDA has laid out characteristics essential for the review of 510(k) submission. It is important to be aware of the following flowchart before the actual submission is made :

Source: FDA g...

March 17, 2021


510(k) is a pre-market submission filed at the FDA by the manufacturer who intends on  releasing a medical device into the market. A 510(k) basically demonstrates that the device to be mark...

pma submission
March 17, 2021

PMA Submission

Medical devices that have a high risk associated with them require a pre-market approval (PMA). A PMA is a detailed document that requires clinical data to substantiate the claims made for a par...

February 27, 2021


Elexes often provide start-to-finish regulatory and quality services to clients. One such example is a start-up that was developing a novel wearable device to monitor vital signs.The company nee...

February 27, 2021

Active devices

A medical device company asked Elexes to prepare a regulatory strategy for an active device. The goal was to bring their product into the US and European markets by complying with all applicable...

invasive devices
February 27, 2021

Invasive Devices

At Elexes, we have assisted companies that already have FDA clearance for a particular medical device and want to make changes to this existing device to meet their users’ needs, serve a new pat...

food and cosmetics
February 24, 2021

Food and Cosmetics

Elexes has created numerous supplement fact sheets for dietary supplements, the nutritional label for foods, and has also reviewed labels of cosmetic products to make sure that there are no drug...

product a medical device
February 24, 2021

Is my product a Medical Device? – Knowing the difference

This is an exciting time to be a part of the healthcare innovation sector. It’s advancement, in today’s time, is more than ever before. Many medical devices and consumer healthcare products are ...