March 17, 2021



eCopy(electronic copy) is done as a part of submission package for CDRH (Centre for Devices and Radiological Health).

It is an essential part of:

  1. 510(k)
  2. De novo
  3. PMA (Pre market approval)
  4. PDP (Product Development Protocol)
  5. IDE (Investigational Device Exemptions)
  6. IND (Investigational New Drug)
  7. BLA (Biologics License Applications) and
  8. Pre-submissions

Few details that need attention while working on an eCopy are:

  1. Follow the recommended naming convention.
  2. Ensure each pdf is within 50 MB.
  3. Hardcopy should be an exact duplicate of the eCopy.
  4. Ensure there is a separate printed cover letter for eCopy.
  5. Send the eCopy on CD/DVD/Flash drive.
  6. Cover letter should be enclosed with an eCopy statement.
  7. More than 1 CD is not allowed, if the data exceeds the capacity of the CD, then the copy should ideally be sent on a pen drive.

For further details on eCopy and its submission guidance, do write to us on

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