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Cosmetics include Baby Products, Bath Preparations, Eye Makeup Preparations, Fragrance Preparations, Hair Preparations (non-coloring), Hair Coloring Preparations, Makeup Preparations (not eye), Manicuring Preparations, Oral Hygiene Products, Personal Cleanliness, Shaving Preparations, Skin Care Preparations (Creams, Lotions, Powders, and Sprays), Suntan Preparations, etc. Elexes offers the following end-to-end solutions for companies developing such products


What we offer

Import and Export

You must know and comply with all the applicable regulations for import & export. Elexes helps you do this by offering the following services:


Elexes provides cosmetics companies with complete scientific and regulatory support for compliance with Cosmetics Regulations to keep your products on the market. We do:


Cosmetic products must comply with all apt labeling requirements to avoid lawsuits or false claim allegations. Elexes helps cosmetic companies comply by offering:

Safety review

Safety being of highest significance for cosmetics, the standards for assessing it varies by country. Elexes helps you decipher these and comply proactively by providing:

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