Regulatory & Quality Compliance Consulting for LDTs & In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices

Elexes Regulatory & Quality Compliance Consulting is a trusted IVD medical device consultant globally. Our experts will help you seek approval for your In Vitro Diagnostic medical devices with the FDA, EMA, NMPA, MHRA, and PMDA. 

We help IVD companies design a systematic regulatory framework for your device, facilitating global registrations. Along with designing the regulatory framework, we can help you maintain compliance with post-market requirements globally. 

This is not all, with the growth in the LDT industry and the FDA’s forthcoming rule shift to regulate LDTs, it has become vital that there is proper support available for LDT manufacturers. After the staged approach outlined by the FDA in October 2023 proposed rule, the LDTs are expected to soon be regulated. 

Determining Medical device, LDT, and IVD classification

A very important step in the regulatory route for LDT and IVD medical devices is to correctly classify the device. Classifying the In Vitro Diagnostic medical devices lays the foundation for determining the right regulatory roadmap. 

At Elexes, we have IVD regulatory consultants who will help you classify the product accurately according to the rules in the US, Europe, Brazil, Japan, Canada, and other markets.

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Our IVD Regulatory Services

Regulatory consulting services we offer for IVD companies

⦿ Gap Analysis 
⦿ Global Regulatory Strategy Advice 
⦿ EU-MDR and CE Registration
⦿ EU-IVDR Consulting Services 
⦿ IVD Regulatory Services (Design and Development Process)
⦿ IVD Consultancy
⦿ Companion Diagnostics (CDx)
⦿ Risk Management (ISO 14971)
⦿ USA FDA Market Access Consulting 
⦿ Local Representation
⦿ PRRC – Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance 
⦿ Global Registration
⦿ Medical Device Registration in APAC and LATAM Countries 
⦿ Notified Body-Like-Review for Technical Files 
⦿ Interim Management 

Our IVD Regulatory Services

⦿ Quality Strategy
⦿ QMS Implementation
⦿ CAPA Support
⦿ Internal Audit
⦿ Due Diligence Audit
⦿ Interim Management
⦿ QMS Maintenance 
⦿ Training 
⦿ Medical Device and IVD Training courses 

Our IVD Regulatory Services

⦿ EU IVDR Compliance 
⦿ ISO 13485:2016 QMS
⦿ Clinical Evaluation
⦿ FDA Submission
⦿ ISO 14155 GCP
⦿ Internal Auditor 
⦿ Risk Management
⦿  CLIA Certification

LDT New Regulations | Know the Update!

The proposed FDA regulatory landscape for LDTs positions these diagnostic tests as medical devices. This means that LDTs will soon be subject to stringent regulatory frameworks similar to IVDs. This entire shift of policy is to enhance patient safety and bring in more reliable tests. 

A Few Highlights of The Proposed Rule

As per the FDA’s proposed rule, LDTs will be added to the definition of “IVD products”. This step is to clarify that LDTs will fall under the medical device category.

The FDA proposes a tiered compliance strategy enforcing all the LDT manufacturers to meet all the required regulatory standards in stages, from one to four years post-final rule publication.

The proposed LDT ruile aims to include a wide range of LDTs with the assurance of closing any loopholes that allowed some tests to circumvent FDA regulations.

As per the proposed FDA rule, there will be no Grandfathering clause in it, meaning all the LDTs in the market will be required to meet with the FDA’s regulatory requirements.

As per the proposed rule, a few forensic or public health surveillance LDTs will be exempted from these new regulations.

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If you are looking for LDT/IVD/IVDR Consulting services, Elexes is one of the trusted RA/QA consultants. We have helped several LDT and IVD companies not only get medical device clearance from the associated regulatory body but also help them stay compliant with our post-market compliance consulting services.

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