Alert Call for Medical Device Manufacturers who are looking to place the Spinal Implantable or any other type of Medical Devices in the Australian market (via the TGA approval or notification process). It is time for you to revisit the regulations and brainstorm on your next steps.  

TGA reclassified a number of medical devices to align its legislation with those of the European Union (EU) as a part of the reforms. On November 25, 2021, this became effective, and by May 25, 2022, all manufacturers and sponsors (who are already selling in the Australian market) must notify TGA that they have reclassified their medical devices and hence can continue to distribute and supply such devices. Similarly, certain implanted spinal medical devices have been reclassified and are required to meet enhanced quality management systems, technical documentation, and clinical evidence requirements. Medical devices that come into direct contact with the spinal column and were previously classified as Class IIb medical devices are now reclassified as Class III medical devices. All manufacturers or sponsors of spinal implanted medical devices, need to follow the new restrictions based on the product’s TGA designation and if they don’t want to continue marketing the device in Australia, they can terminate their Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) license before May 25, 2022.

Now if you are making a medical device and thinking about what to do here for compliance in Australia, the following is something you can ponder over:  

  • Approach 1: You can notify TGA and submit a reclassification application by November 1, 2024, if your device is included in the ARTG before November 25, 2021.
  • Approach 2: If you want to include your product in the ARTG before November 25, 2021, you must have notified TGA and submitted an application under the classification as per previous regulations before November 25, 2021. 
  • Approach 3: If you plan to place your device on or after November 25, 2021, you shall submit a Class III Device Application. 

If manufacturers and sponsors fail to meet their commitments under these transitional arrangements, their devices will still be considered Class III medical devices, and they will be compelled to stop selling them.

In summary, as part of reclassification, you’re expected to notify TGA and file the product under the new classification, as applicable, if you decide to continue the supply of your device into the Australian market.

Given that there are severe repercussions for not being able to comply with the updated Australian requirements, it’s important to act today. Please do not hesitate to drop a line at and we can certainly talk and discuss what’s the best approach moving forward. 

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